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Please feel free to submit an essay about the work and art of the Mountain Goats.

This site is completely unrelated to, and not endorsed by, the Mountain Goats. It is a completely independent website dedicated to analysis and critique of the words and music of the Mountain Goats.

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Here is some basic information on submissions:

(1) 500+ words is the general rule;

(2) Essays will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible;

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(5) I reserve the right to not put something up if I think it’s not appropriate. or to remove any post at any time at my discretion;

(6) I may make some editorial suggestions to you, or I may not, before an essay goes up, but you’ll have final say in your essay;

(7) Along with your essay, please send a 2 or 3 short sentence bio to be included after your essay. Short, short, short. I reserve the right to shorten further. If you want to include a web-site, twitter acc’t or something where you can be contacted, that’s ok if you want, but by no means required.

Cover Songs and DIY Videos -- These will be considered on a case-by-case basis. I'm not planning on putting up many of these, but if you have something you think is interesting, send it and I'll check it out.

That's it. Looking forward to your submission!